Ride the Möbius Twist

Do you wish to ride a Möbius twist?
Round and round to go?
Round and round infinity
No matter how you try
You cannot cross to another side

Take a pair of scissors
To cut a Möbius twist in half
You still have only one but
From whence did two new twists come?
Is this a mystic vision?

Cut it down the middle again
Suddenly two strips you’ll have
Each with a double twist
Some would say this breaks the rules
Yet you hold it in your hands

In 1900 Nikola Tesla
Based his coils on the Möbius strip
His dream was wireless transmission
Of electricity world-wide
Is this not  a vision divine?

Man learns the words and learns the symbols
And looks into the sun
And searching for infinity
Does dare to taste forbidden fruit
Though others would prevent it

The search for knowledge
The search for the truth
And the search for the mystic
Are one and the same
We search unto infinity

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About Chris Galvin

Chris Galvin is a Canadian writer, editor and photographer dividing her time between Canada and Viet Nam. Her essay Flood Season was a finalist for the 2012 Best of the Net prize, and Discovering Hến Rice in Central Việt Nam won third place (shared) and a Readers’ Choice Award in the 2015 I Must Be Off! Travel Essay Contest. Her work has appeared in various anthologies and literary journals, including Descant, Asian Cha, PRISM International, Room, and others. She has written in Vietnamese and English for Vietnam Tourism Review/Kham Pha Du Lich Vietnam Magazine, Travellive, and Du Lich Giai Tri. Chris is currently looking for a home for her recently completed manuscript, Breakfast Under the Bodhi Tree, a book about living, eating, and tour-guiding in Viet Nam.
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19 Responses to Ride the Möbius Twist

  1. Marcus Speh says:

    excellent, chris, enjoyed. added your blog to my blogroll.

  2. soaringdragons says:

    First, even while holding the Mobius strip in my hand I cannot understand it. I always think it’s Escher’s invention come to life.

    Second, I start reading what you write–such wonderful ideas so wonderfully expressed. Man is the only creature that can look into the sun and not go blind. Thank you.

  3. chris says:

    Hi Soaring Dragons,
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments. It is indeed an Escher invention come to life. It’s like an alternate reality.

  4. brian says:

    those last two stanza are superb…i like the play of it all but that is so true…

  5. Sheila Moore says:

    very cool – I have a bracelet that is a Mobius twist – it has a verse written on it as well which makes it even more fascinating

  6. poemblaze says:

    Stop trying to make me smarter with poetry! 😉

  7. ayala says:

    The last stanza just perfect!

  8. ah I had to look up mobius strip lol. It reminds me of the car race tracks I like lol
    Nice OS

  9. chris says:

    Hm, hadn’t thought of that similarity, but you’re right. Would be interesting to drive on a Mobius strip.

  10. C Rose says:

    Your closing stanza is so powerful in this piece. The thought of this mobius strip takes my mind to our own helix, much enjoyed ~ Rose

  11. hedgewitch says:

    I’ve often thought the Mobius strip would make an excellent hook for a poem–you’ve proved it here, and engaged the reader in examining several concentric messages at once, true to form.

  12. I remember being fascinated by the Mobius twist as a child – and it’s weird laws of physics still boggle my mind. The concluding thoughts of this poem are so true.

  13. Jhpoetry says:

    engaging piece, “Mobious” Ah thanks for the knowledge. 🙂 Nice One

  14. This is wonderful, Chris. I’ve always been fascinated by Tesla and Mobius strip, they are both so astounding. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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