Just for fun, a few lines of poetry from Captchas I’ve come across when commenting on other blogs. The inspiration for this came when I visited Jason McInyre’s blog, The Farthest Reaches to read his interview with L.M.Stull. (Go check it out!) Eretorua was what I had to type in to pass the Bot or Not test and leave a comment.


Eretorua –somewhere in the land of the Māori
where I arrive with plans to birdel for a few days
I wander into the primal forest and azaib
the Osirko trees ’round me vimble maddeningly

Deeper into the woods I swashay
I do not fear these m3nasing trees
I carry a cloubb and I stride along the path
small cr8tres snarkle under my footfalls

I do not fear the wrsemelat farblx
nor do I hesitate when before me
an Y9brem rises, neckfolds whim-ering
I raise my cloubb and kamtr it hard

Zraacx! It hollers in agony but I
kamtr it again and again
the sting of the Y9brem is lethal
and I’ve still much to see in the forests of Eretorua


About Chris Galvin

Chris Galvin is a Canadian writer, editor and photographer dividing her time between Canada and Viet Nam. Her essay Flood Season was a finalist for the 2012 Best of the Net prize, and Discovering Hến Rice in Central Việt Nam won third place (shared) and a Readers’ Choice Award in the 2015 I Must Be Off! Travel Essay Contest. Her work has appeared in various anthologies and literary journals, including Descant, Asian Cha, PRISM International, Room, and others. She has written in Vietnamese and English for Vietnam Tourism Review/Kham Pha Du Lich Vietnam Magazine, Travellive, and Du Lich Giai Tri. Chris is currently looking for a home for her recently completed manuscript, Breakfast Under the Bodhi Tree, a book about living, eating, and tour-guiding in Viet Nam.
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12 Responses to Eretorua

  1. Intriguing faux language exercise. Keep breaking the rules, Chris! And thanks for sharing.

    j. //

    • chris says:

      Thanks so much for your comment Jason! Without your blog, this poem would never have seen the light of day. 🙂 As for rules, yes, I will keep breaking them, and if anyone asks, I’ll say I’m just following your advice. 😀

  2. Berit says:

    A delightful play of words and nonsense words. 🙂

    I’m glad you “kamtr it again and again” even though
    “the sting of the Y9brem is lethal”. 🙂

    Also enjoyed the nice scenery in the Nature’s Alchemy.

    • chris says:

      Hi Berit,
      Oh yes, I kamtred the lethal sting right out of that evil Y9brem! 😀

      Thanks as always for your kind comments. Zipping over to have a look at your blog now.

      • Berit says:

        Really not much more than current info there now.

        I’ve been a bad blogger and mainly used it for info lately.
        It’s a bit strange, since I like to see some personal stuff in other writers’ blogs. I should follow your example.

  3. soaringdragons says:

    You wrote this? You’re a genius! No, that’s not right. You’re a poet.

  4. How delightful- what a cool idea, I’ve often marvelled at how those Captchas are so close to real words I start to try to remember what they mean. Reminiscent of Jabberwocky, a favorite. Happy to find your blog.

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