“You’ve been tagged!”

Those were the words in the mysterious message I received from Claudia del Balso. I visited her blog to learn more, and discovered that this is a way to meet other bloggers and to introduce interesting blogfolks to each other. Of course, there are rules to follow:

1. Post the rules. 2. Tag up to eleven bloggers by posting links to their blogs, and let them know. 3. Create eleven questions for the people you’ve tagged. 4. Answer the questions your tagger posed for you. 5. Have fun!

Thanks, Claudia, for tagging me, and including me in some fine company. I’ve been checking out my fellow tagged bloggers, and enjoying each one.

I’m tagging nine bloggers who probably all know each other already. It can’t be helped.

J.A. Pak: The Writing Blog
D.D. Syrdal: Filling Spaces
Mark Stratton: AGGASPLETCH aka Radio Nowhere 1
Melissa Dominic: Broken Nerves
Magen Toole: Eonism
Christina Nguyen: A Wish for the Sky
A. D. Joyce: Sweepy Jean Explores the Webby World
Fabio Fernandes: The Cogsmith
Quirina Roode-Gutzmer: The Mind’s Eye – Der Himmel des Geistes

Here are my eleven questions for the bloggers I’ve tagged:

1. When did you start your blog?
2. Do you blog often, or is it difficult to find the time and inspiration?
3. What’s your favourite snack food?
4. What is one really strange thing that you would like to do or try?
5. Do you edit while you write, or write first, edit later?
6. If you could change one major thing about yourself, what would it be?
7. What’s the next book on your To Be Read list?
8. What are you reading  now?
9. If you start a book and you don’t care for it right away, how many pages do you give it before you stop reading?
10. What is your favourite time of day and why?
11. Do you have a favourite style or genre of literature?

My answers to Claudia’s questions:

1) What’s your favorite classic (book)?
I have so many favourites. The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde, Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulac Archipelago, Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, the works of Albert Camus, J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, several works by Toni Morrison, most of Hermann Hesse’s works, The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass, Godel, Escher, Bach, by Douglas Hofstadter, Beowulf, and I can’t overlook Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,  and so many more.
2) Whose writing style would you like to emulate?
I don’t try to emulate anyone.
3) Have you taken workshops to hone your writing?
I’ve met with other writers to discuss the craft of writing and to listen to their opinions and feelings about my writing and how to improve individual pieces.
4) Do you have a mentor?
5) Which is your favorite cuisine?
Most Asian cuisines.
6) Which is your favorite season?
7) Which genre do you write/read?
I’m an eclectic reader. Much easier to list what I don’t read: romance, graphic novels, and a few others. I write mainly non-fiction (literary, travel-writing, and articles), poetry, and short stories (mostly slipstream).
8) If you had the chance to run off with one of your favorite characters, who would it be?
9) Which song brings you to tears?
I’m generally not moved to tears by songs.
10) Have you used someone else’s secret in one of your stories/books/poems?
Not yet! *evil laughter*
11) Do you believe in soul mates?
Yes, but so few find each other.

About Chris Galvin

Chris Galvin is a Canadian writer, editor and photographer dividing her time between Canada and Viet Nam. Her essay Flood Season was a finalist for the 2012 Best of the Net prize, and Discovering Hến Rice in Central Việt Nam won third place (shared) and a Readers’ Choice Award in the 2015 I Must Be Off! Travel Essay Contest. Her work has appeared in various anthologies and literary journals, including Descant, Asian Cha, PRISM International, Room, and others. She has written in Vietnamese and English for Vietnam Tourism Review/Kham Pha Du Lich Vietnam Magazine, Travellive, and Du Lich Giai Tri. Chris is currently looking for a home for her recently completed manuscript, Breakfast Under the Bodhi Tree, a book about living, eating, and tour-guiding in Viet Nam.
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14 Responses to Tagged!

  1. Mark says:

    Y’know, that last answer is so true and telling. I’m thinking that many people don’t look hard enough or for the right things. I know that’s been the case in my life. Until I met my wife, that is.

  2. Chris, thanks so much for thinking of me! There are a few bloggers new to me on this list and I’m so excited to get to know them. I see you have quite a few favorite books and a few of mine are there. As for soul mate, wouldn’t that be nice? Anyway, looks like I have some questions of my own to answer … ;p

    • chris says:

      Adriene, I have so many favourite books! Sometimes the book I’m reading is my fave, to be replaced by the next book I read. Looking forward to reading your answers.

  3. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Gosh, I’m glad you came up with different questions for the folks you tagged! Picking a favorite book is a nightmare!

    RE: soulmates: absolutely not. If so few people are finding them, how many can there really be? What would be the point of having a ‘soulmate’ you could never find?

  4. J.A. Pak says:

    Fun Q&A! I believe in soul mates but think Anne of Green Gable’s “kindred spirits” is more user friendly.

    • chris says:

      Oh yes, “kindred spirits” was a term that clicked with me the first time I read Ann of Green Gables, way back when. I think it covers more ground than “soul mates” too. Too bad you won’t have time to post your own questions; I’d have loved to see them!

  5. Quirina says:

    Thank you so much, Chris, for thinking of me, or tagging me. I feel truly honoured. I’m intrigued and impressed that you read “An eternal golden braid.” I read parts of it when I embarked on my mathematics study. Once a week I eat lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. I love the food, but most of all I love the people–so gentle, always smiling, a wonderful sense of family, and humour and always a serene atmosphere. I’d love to read your essays, Chris. Where do I find them?

    • chris says:

      Hi Quirina, thanks so much for your comments, and for your query. If you click on the Publications tab at the top of the page, you’ll get a page with links to some of my published essays.

      Hofstadter’s book was a challenge to read, but fascinating.

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  7. Found you through Claudia’s tagged list– very interesting responses! I totally understand about not being able to pick one favorite classic.

  8. Mark K says:


    Sorry to say but you’ve been nominated to take part in ‘The Lucky 7 Meme’.
    For further details, please go to my blog 🙂


    Kindest regards


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