the sensation of a dream
the wind scoops us up
suddenly we’re off the ground
feet in the air
rejoicing at this new freedom
this ability
yet fearing
how high will we go
how will we get down
it’s thrilling
the wonder of it
our heads swim
looking down at the rooftops
people and cars
dwindle to dots
we can go anywhere
adrenaline courses
the biggest concern is
how will we land
or will we ever land
we choose to ignore this concern
and we fly

This poem gave birth to a story, Slanting Rain, posted on Fictionaut.

“Breathless” is linked to dVerse Poets Open Link Night Week 43. Doors open at 3 p.m. Easterb Time. Join us!


About Chris Galvin

Chris Galvin is a Canadian writer, editor and photographer dividing her time between Canada and Viet Nam. Her essay Flood Season was a finalist for the 2012 Best of the Net prize, and Discovering Hến Rice in Central Việt Nam won third place (shared) and a Readers’ Choice Award in the 2015 I Must Be Off! Travel Essay Contest. Her work has appeared in various anthologies and literary journals, including Descant, Asian Cha, PRISM International, Room, and others. She has written in Vietnamese and English for Vietnam Tourism Review/Kham Pha Du Lich Vietnam Magazine, Travellive, and Du Lich Giai Tri. Chris is currently looking for a home for her recently completed manuscript, Breakfast Under the Bodhi Tree, a book about living, eating, and tour-guiding in Viet Nam.
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25 Responses to Breathless

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Makes me think of all the dreams I’ve had of being able to fly. You’ve captured the sensation perfectly.

  2. Such powerful imagery! You really feel the pull of the words. It’s wonderful, Chris. This is what I’m trying to do with my art, my life right now. Thanks for that extra little push 🙂

  3. This is the way we should live in life too, unconcerned about where we are going and how will we reach there. Taking risks and trusting our guts. Lovely poem…

  4. cloudfactor5 says:

    This poem has a great rhythm from beginning to end ! Well Done !! Imagine the kind of dreams the guys who fly the wing-suits have !!

  5. brian miller says:

    if it happened to me i would def let go of those fears…ha…i always have dreamed of flying just like this…on the wind…really nice rhythm to your words too…

  6. This lifted me up, Chris. The poem flew as well. Great transport!

  7. poemsofhateandhope says:

    I love dreaming about flying! The best kind of dream….although I usually dream about haunting houses and flying down spiral staircases – weird…ANYWAY- great that you captured that sentiment here- and for me- def a metaphor for letting go, for living life and without anxiety or worry

  8. poemblaze says:

    Great poem! i’ve had those dreams too! 😉

  9. kelly says:

    very dreamy… and yes, it’s always best to let those fears go and enjoy the ride!

  10. Very descriptive and vivid…lovely

  11. ayala says:

    Beautiful capture…I think we all have these dreams of flying….:)

  12. When I was a kid, I used to have dreams I was flying, and they were much like you describe here. The worst was when I would dream I was falling; hurt like hell when I was on the top bunk.
    Wonderful write! Very vivid and real dream sequence.

    • chris says:

      You actually fell off the bunk? Wonder which happened first; the fall in your dream or the fall from your bunk–which one caused the other? Thanks for reading and commenting.

  13. Great closing lines here, really bring the whole poem together so well.

    Really enjoyed this write.

  14. C Rose says:

    Vivid in the sense your words carry, wonderful write! ~ Rose

  15. Laurie Kolp says:

    Very thought-provoking. I really like the ending, too.

  16. hypercryptical says:

    Wonderful write indeed! (I would love to fly…)

    Anna :o]

  17. chris says:

    Thanks everyone for dropping by and for taking the time to read and comment. 🙂

  18. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Oh the joy of flying dreams; Fellini had them incessantly. In mine I leap higher and higher, like the Hulk, and then just take off with arms extended; very rarely ever land though; deep psychological stuff this; but like all poets, you fly a lot, barely able to keep your feet on the ground!

    • chris says:

      Who needs to land in a flying dream right? Interesting how these dreams end differently for different people. Thanks for reading!

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