“Sympathy for the Devil” published in Tuck

Tuck MagazineI’m so pleased to make it into the pages of Tuck Magazine once again. My short fiction piece Sympathy for the Devil is in the September issue.

This online lit mag never fails to please and surprise. The pages are full of new poetry, fiction, art and interviews with people like Carole Pope, award-winning author Kathleen Winter, two representatives from World Vision and more.

Sympathy for the Devil  previously appeared in The 24 Project, an ephemeral collaborative online arts journal only available for viewing for one week in April of this year. My gratitude goes to Tuck editor Val B. Russell for giving the story a more permanent home.

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3 Responses to “Sympathy for the Devil” published in Tuck

  1. Congratulations on being published in Tuck! I love that story–clever and amusing, and that little purple devil moaning away in the bible is such a delicious image.

  2. marousia says:

    Congratulations – I love Tuck!

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