“Ebony Teeth” now published in Existere Journal

Existere Journal - Nov. 2013I’m honoured to have a nonfiction piece, Ebony Teeth, included amongst the literary and artistic offerings in the latest issue of Existere Journal.

Ebony Teeth is a brief look at the once widespread Vietnamese practice of dyeing the teeth permanently black. Though I rarely encounter people with black teeth now, I am lucky to know one particular woman, the elderly mother of a friend, whose teeth are “black as custard apple seeds” and who takes the spotlight in my essay. I am grateful to her, to my husband’s grandmother and to my friend Nga, for sharing folklore and poetry about tooth lacquering, as it’s also known.

Existere is York University’s journal of arts and literature, and publishes work by both emerging and established writers from York University and around the world . The journal is carried by Chapters / Indigo and many independent retailers across Canada. For bookstore locations that carry the issue, please visit the retail locations page on Existere’s website. The journal is also available at some locations not yet included on the list, such as campus bookstores and libraries. Single copies can be ordered via their “subscribe” page, which includes the link to the order form below the  subscription details.

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2 Responses to “Ebony Teeth” now published in Existere Journal

  1. Evelyn says:

    Congratulations! It looks like a lovely publication.

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