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cirrus clouds and contrails

Poetry Month is drawing to a close, and I’ve only managed to write ten or twelve poems rather than one every day. On the other hand, I did have one published. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Poetry Month. I’m … Continue reading

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“No space between us” now published at Blue Fifth Review

The January 2014 issue of Blue Fifth Review is now live, and includes my poem “No space between us” among this month’s five offerings. It’s a gorgeous issue, with luscious artwork by Lilla Dent, who so kindly gave me permission to feature the … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary, dVerse Poets!

. From my last week’s Twitter postings, a bevy of  haiku in celebration of dVerse Poets first year anniversary: rare beauty of summer / dawn’s light through open curtains / worth the lost hours of sleep // nature’s summer bounty / … Continue reading

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Watermelon, Watermelon!

seedless watermelon – no pip-spitting contests fruit for serious adults (a haiku for dVerse Poets Open Link Night, week 52) Chef Shane Brierly’s kitchen team at Lifestyle Resort Đà Nẵng knows what to do with a watermelon. This is commis … Continue reading

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A Poem of Farewell

Vietnamese Zen Master Mãn Giác (1052-1096) wrote a farewell poem, Cáo Tật Thị Chúng, (Announcing an Illness) to announce his impending death. It is said that after he read out the poem to his close friends, including the king, he passed … Continue reading

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5 Very Short Twitter Poems

Micropoetry for dVerse Poets Open Link Night, Week 46 . Cirrus Clouds and Contrails cirrus clouds and contrails brilliant summer azure at 40,000 feet I know the sky is the same blue there— I drift in idle daydreams of the … Continue reading

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Stream of conciousness

I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in And stops my mind from wandering Where it will go –   Paul McCartney Leave the holes there let the rain come in let the mind slip out slip through, slip slip … Continue reading

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Highway Philosophising

pink balloon on the highway shiny firm rotund dancing bouncing on bright breezes high and low and up and down somewhere a child grips a tether reaches for an escaped balloon rising out of sight drifting floating tripping away tailwinds … Continue reading

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Falling in Dreams

Like  “Breathless“, this poem was born out of  my experimental prose-poem, Slanting Rain, which I recently posted at Fictionaut. This is my offering for dVerse Poets Open Link Night, week 44. Falling in Dreams Falling in swirling maelstroms of nothingness yawning black … Continue reading

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hypnotized watching the coffee drip drip drip ivory-coloured sweet-milk and ice

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