Bombshell – runner-up for best creative nonfiction in Briarpatch Magazine’s 2015 Writing in the Margins contest.

Eating Hến Rice in Central Việt Nam – a short travel / food essay about clam rice (cơm hến), a specialty dish in Huế. Placed third and received a Readers’ Choice Award in the 2015 I Must Be Off! Travel Essay Contest. One of ten essays chosen out of over 300 entries.

Flood Season – published in Asian Cha March 2012, was a finalist for the Sundress Best of the Net Anthology

Photo Sets:

Canada, Việt Nam – a photo set, in the June 2016 issue of Asian Cha


Sống Chung với Mệ – in  the 2015 issue of Đặc San Văn Lang Boston. My translation to Vietnamese of my essay Life with Mệ, which appeared in the 2012 Writers Abroad anthology, Foreign Encounters

Ebony Teeth a brief look at the once widespread Vietnamese practice of dyeing the teeth permanently black, in Existere JournalForeign and Far Away

Floating World – a short essay about life in the Mekong Delta – in the 2013 Writers Abroad anthology, Foreign and Far Away

An Evening with Kim Thúy – in the Maple Tree Literary Supplement

Vịnh Mốc: Life Underground – a personal essay about the Vịnh Mốc tunnels in Viet Nam, in the Hidden City issue of Descant


Prism Issue 51.2Breakfast under the Bodhi Tree – a personal essay about living in Viet Nam, in  Issue 51.2, the Food and Drink Issue of PRISM International

Breakfast Under the Bodhi Tree – a photo set to accompany the essay, published on PRISM International’s website

Foreign EncountersLife with Mệ – in the 2012 Writers Abroad anthology, Foreign Encounters


Fire – a memoir piece, in The Winnipeg Review

Flood Season – in Asian Cha – a finalist for the Sundress Best of the Net Anthology 2012

Linh and the Fortune Tellers – in The Maple Tree Literary Supplement

Wintering  a personal essay, in The Winnipeg Review

Days Like This -a creepy but true tale of one of my strangest days in Viet Nam, in Pure Slush

Seasons of the Lake – a nature essay, in the anthology The City We Share (Shoreline Press, 2011)

Seasons of the Lake – in The Winnipeg Review

Garden  – excerpt from Seasons of the Lake, at SPLIT Quarterly

Crows’ Flight  – a nature essay,  in Room Magazine – Issue 34.2, Back to Natural Hush

Con Đưng Nào – a personal essay in Vietnamese – in Đặc San Văn Lang Boston


Starting Over – a flash fiction, in Reflections, Fox Pockets Vol 10, October 2016, published by Fox Spirit Books.

Hafgufa Rising – a monster tale set on a fictitious Icelandic island – in European Monsters, Book 1 of the Fox Spirit Books of Monsters, published by Fox Spirit Books, 2014


Arabesque a weird flash fiction, in Fox Pockets 3rd volume,  Guardians, 2013


Impossible Spaces

Mindswitch  a weird nondual story, in the anthology Impossible Spaces, published by Hic Dragones

Groundnut Soup – shenanigans with a black hole handbag, in the September, 2012 issue of The Maple Tree Literary Supplement

Sympathy for the Devil – a slipstream piece, in Tuck Magazine. The story was previously published at The 24 Project, an ephemeral collaborative pop-up online arts journal only available for viewing for one week (ending April 27, 2012).

For the Love of Mushrooms – in Tuck Magazine


cirrus clouds and contrails – a tanka, in Bright Stars, An Organic Tanka Anthology, Volume 2

No space between us – a prose poem, in Blue Fifth Review’s Blue Five Notebook, opening issue for 2014

Gusting Wind – a small stone / tiny nonfiction piece, in the 2014 opening issue of a handful of stones

Leaving Home  – A very short story, on 7 X 20

chocolate haiku – On 7 X 20

Eretorua – a poem, inKaffe in Katmandu

Autumn – in  A Handful of Stones

SELECTED MICRO-ESSAY #cnftweet winners on @cnfonline / Creative Nonfiction Magazine.

Blackbird Couple, published in both the July 2015 newsletter and issue #57, the Making a Living issue.
One about my father, published in the micro essay section of the May newsletter, and one about vegetables, which appears in issue #55, the Memoir Issue, in the Tiny Truths section.

Kissing Cardinals – also published in Creative Nonfiction’s Mistakes issue (Fall 2014)
Just Weeds – also published in Creative Nonfiction’s, The Human Face of Sustainability issue (Spring 2014)
Poetic Robbers
Frost Warnings – also published in issue #47 of Creative Nonfiction
Gourmet Rabbits
Gourmet Raccoons
Squirrel gymnastics
Escher Ceiling
(and many more)


A Zen Koan in Luscious Autumn Shades” – a review of Berit Ellingsen’s Beneath the Liquid Skin, at The Lit Pub.

Reading the American War: Tatjana Soli’s The Lotus Eaters  – at diaCRITICS

Secrets of the Red Lantern: Stories and Vietnamese Recipes from the Heart (Pauline Nguyen) – on this blog

Communion, A Culinary Journey through Vietnam (Kim Fay) – on this blog


Road Trip: Hue – Danang  – essay and photos, in Du Lịch Giải Trí

Montreal, the City with Something for Everyone – in English and Vietnamese, with photos, in Khám Phá Du Lịch Việt Nam/Vietnam Discovery Magazine

Contemplating  the Afterlife in An Bang Village, Vietnam mini travel piece and photo, on Trazzler 

Rolling Fragrant Incense Sticks in Huế, Việt Nam  – mini travel piece and photo, on Trazzler

A Cup of Joe in Vietnam – essay and photos,  in Travellive

2 Responses to Publications

  1. Susi Lovell says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve just been visiting yours – and what a great blog it is. Love your stories. Susi

    • Chris says:

      Thanks so much for visiting, Susi. Was happy to discover you had started a blog. Looked for you last year after we both gave readings at the Yellow Door on the same night. Loved your “Wolffe Brothers”.

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