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cirrus clouds and contrails

Poetry Month is drawing to a close, and I’ve only managed to write ten or twelve poems rather than one every day. On the other hand, I did have one published. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Poetry Month. I’m … Continue reading

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5 Very Short Twitter Poems

Micropoetry for dVerse Poets Open Link Night, Week 46 . Cirrus Clouds and Contrails cirrus clouds and contrails brilliant summer azure at 40,000 feet I know the sky is the same blue there— I drift in idle daydreams of the … Continue reading

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hypnotized watching the coffee drip drip drip ivory-coloured sweet-milk and ice

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Leaving Home

step step PECK step step PECK spotted starlings obscure the lawn parents poised in maples monitor their offspring

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Spring Garden

budding tulips arching leaves pointy tips sheared off- fat rabbit Linked to Dverse Poets open link night- week 39.

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National Poetry Month: Day 3, Poem # 3 (and a little flash)

To the Artist While he struggled with saw, hammer, nails and plane building a garden door for magic to enter, you simply painted one in. An artist asked her husband to build a door to the garden, which she could leave open … Continue reading

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In November’s chill in day’s last light a single oak robed in red stands tall among the naked maples A gogyohka in response to Tina Nguyen’s Gpoem prompt of the week.

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Word Playground

Words slide off one tongue roll off another see-saw on a third in the language playground Thanks to @Marousia who supplied the inspiration for this poem, which is my reply to one she posted on Twitter: Words/ wanted to see /what they … Continue reading

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Milam Bardo

Awareness Freed from the body Creates its own reality In liminal states of awareness I dream, freed from the body  

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Exotic Birds

Orange birds purple eyed flutter in sunlight posed on one wiry leg those audacious poppies

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