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30 photos in 30 days – #4 and #5

Early to Rise I love to get up long before everyone else. Sometimes I discover that magic has happened overnight. I brew coffee by the light of a tiny nightlight-like fixture in the kitchen. When it’s ready, I either turn … Continue reading

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30 in 30 – #2

Winter Garden In summer, these small metal cups are supposed to catch rain water, then tip to spill it out once they are full. They never do tip, but they jingle together in the wind. I like them best in winter for … Continue reading

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Thirty Photos in Thirty Days?

Meditation on a Snowy Night . Two friends on Twitter recently got my attention with their project of doing thirty small paintings in thirty days. They are quick paintings, finished and posted every day. I’ve joined their project and hope … Continue reading

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National Poetry Month: Day 3, Poem # 3 (and a little flash)

To the Artist While he struggled with saw, hammer, nails and plane building a garden door for magic to enter, you simply painted one in. An artist asked her husband to build a door to the garden, which she could leave open … Continue reading

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The Artist’s studio in Huế

  Twitter friend @Marousia recently mentioned she needed a prompt for a poem. I sent her this photo of an artist’s studio in Huế, from my huge collection of pictures I’ve taken in Việt Nam. In response, she wrote Ekphrasis: An Artist’s … Continue reading

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Seven Blogs and Seven Things

Fellow blogger and author Berit Ellingsen recently awarded me with The Versatile Blogger Award. I’m honoured and surprised, because I’ve been rather irregular with my blog posts recently. Thanks so much, Berit! According to the rules of the award, I … Continue reading

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Places I Like to Visit Around the Web

Some of my favourite places on the web these days are sites where I can read poetry and literature, share poetry, and find mindfulness. I’d like to share some of these so that others can enjoy them too. One Stop Poetry … Continue reading

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Lynda Bruce: Lush Paintings, Velvet Words

Lynda Bruce is a dear friend, and a visual artist who has been painting for as long as I can remember. Her art is a visual feast. The colours are lush, the scenes enticing. I can sit and contemplate her … Continue reading

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