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By Chris Galvin Matthew Q. the Poemblaze saw a Giant House Spider spinning in his sink. He wrung his hands, he shook his head: The creature’s bigger than a truck! He opened the taps, he flushed it down the drain, … Continue reading

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Tappity-tap Sleet on window panes Nature wants to come in Sleet frosts the glass I can’t see out Tappity-tappity tap A poem for January Small Stones Month.

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New Publication

Pleased to announce that my Captcha poem, “Eretorua” appears today at Kaffe in Katmandu. Click the link and have a read.

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Just for fun, a few lines of poetry from Captchas I’ve come across when commenting on other blogs. The inspiration for this came when I visited Jason McInyre’s blog, The Farthest Reaches to read his interview with L.M.Stull. (Go check it out!) … Continue reading

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Twenty Signs that You are Probably a Writer

You turn down a great opportunity to go out and do something you’ve been dreaming of doing, because everyone else in your house is going, and you can’t wait to be alone with your wip. You went to the show … Continue reading

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Standing on my head  /  a whole new way of seeing things  / the world upside down

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Fuzzy Shoes

On the bus,  a middle-aged woman sporting fuzzy lime green shoes. Bath-robes on her feet. How odd. And then, I start to like them.

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